Wi-Net has established itself firmly as the leading provider of networking and hardware solutions in South Africa. Since its inception in 2004, Wi-Net has been providing new and innovative network and connectivity solutions that exceed expectations.

We take pride in providing excellent client service, maintaining a list of heavyweight clients, both local and international, that continues to grow. We’ve developed lasting relationships with our clients, having earned their respect by doing what we do best, in the best way possible.

We place heavy emphasis on using quality materials and bona fide, trustworthy suppliers. Our work is characterised by reliable, efficient workmanship and close attention to detail. With each project, we develop a detailed understanding of what the client requires and what the infrastructure and the environment allow for. Drawing on best practice and years of experience, we strive to ensure that the solutions we implement can be scaled and maintained without difficulty as time passes.

By word of mouth, we have grown to become five full teams, as clients have turned to us to fulfil their networking and connectivity needs, properly.

Read on to learn about the products, services and solutions that we are proud to provide.


We specialize in Analogue and Digital systems. We have completed may street solutions, complex solutions, enterprise and home. We offer a wide range of solutions from cost effective systems to enterprise solutions. Wi-Net is an AXIS gold partner and therefore we can offer the latest IP systems at very competitive pricing.


Wi-Net specializes in all wireless installations for ISP’s, Hotels, Businesses, and Mining companies. We offer a complete solution from home to enterprise, hotspots to long range wireless.


We believe in having the right tools for the job. That’s why we have our own splice equipment. All our splicing gets done by our trained staff. Therefore we can offer below market pricing


Wi-Net has completed thousands of cabling sites over the past 10 years. We have the experience, knowledge, expertise and passion to complete any project. We only use solid copper cable on all our installations. NO CCA (copper coated cable).

Today, Wi-Net is worlds apart from the humble start up that it was in June 2004, when the company was first established. Year on year, we have grown in both size and skill-set, fine-tuning our craft along the way. Today, we have five full-time installation teams and have developed a vibrant, energetic company culture. The majority of our clients are long term clients, who have been unwavering in their support of our business right from the start. Now a confident, mature organisation, we have earned our stripes and are comfortable in our position as the go-to experts in our field.

We have always, and will always, put the safety of our our technicians and our client first, so we invest handsomely in training and up-skilling our technicians, who are all fully qualified. We are proud to offer our clients complete, superior networking and connectivity solutions – from supply to install, and beyond.